Kafka Fundamentals

Because we’re using Apache Kafka again and again in our projects and so far I didn’t find the “most important things” sufficiently compact in one place - I have taken the time to prepare this for myself/us/you. The “most important things” for me are the basic concepts and some configuration properties for brokers/producers/consumers that one should know when choosing trade-offs from e.g. consistency/durability and availability.

The presentation is structured as follows:

  1. High level overview - gives a rough overview over Kafka and the main building blocks
  2. Kafka cluster - covers the server side, i.e. topics, brokers etc.
  3. Producers - explains Kafka producer functionality
  4. Consumers - talks mainly about offsets and consumer groups
  5. Transactional Messaging - gives an overview over different use cases for transactional messaging

Here you can start the presentation:

Kafka Fundamentals First Slide

👉 If you want to have the lecture held in your team, or if you need team support with Kafka knowledge, feel free to reach out.

Because I’m a fan of open source and collaboration (and there are already too many outdated presentations and articles) the presentation is created with reveal.js and published on github - i.e. if you find a potential improvement I’d love to receive a pull request 😀
👉 github.com/inoio/slides-kafka-fundamentals/