Almost immediately when I started to program in Scala, I became intruiged by scalaz, the scala type class library. After playing and learning a bit, I decided that I essentially rewrite the library to get a better understanding of its concepts. I do not intend to replace scalaz, I skip lots of the optimization techniques, and left out many of the “non essential functions”. Gradually I will blog about the experiences and compile a tutorial much in the style of the essential Learning scalaz by Eugene Yokota.

In our current project we have to consume a REST web service that provides data as a multipart document, e.g. a list of videos (or video metadata) where each video is a single part. While it’s common to submit or handle multipart requests (e.g. multipart/form-data), the multipart content type is not widely used for http responses. In consequence, the support of http clients for multipart responses is not as good as for requests. The Play Frameworks WS client for example does not directly support responses of type multipart/*.

Die Otto GmbH & Co. KG hat Ende letzten Jahres den Relaunch ihres von Grund auf eigen- und neuentwickelten Webshops abgeschlossen. Das Projekt mit dem Namen LHOTSE hat sich dabei innovativer Methoden und Techniken bedient. Ich war an der Umsetzung beteiligt und möchte euch in diesem Blogpost von ein paar der Faktoren erzählen, die zum erfolgreichen Abschluss beigetragen haben.

We develop custom software, sometimes from scratch, sometimes it will be included in existing ecosystems. In both cases, the customer oftentimes wants to fix which technology we should use. We take the customer’s requests into consideration a lot, but try not to give him what he wants, but the best overall solution given the parameters of the project. Oftentimes we recommend Scala as a programming language, despite the fact that customers want Plain Old Java.

As this has been asked on the play mailinglist this post shall guide you through the setup of MyBatis with Play2. For the integration of MyBatis and Play we’re using the MyBatis-Guice subproject, so we can inject MyBatis mappers into managed play controllers (currently only documented in Play 2.1 Highlights) - or mappers into repositories into services into controllers if you like ;-)

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